I operate a Creditcoin Validator and manage a GitHub repo with some (hopefully) helpful and interesting information about running your own Creditcoin validator, useful links and some other stuff. You can find that here: Creditcoin-Info

If you’d like to learn more about Creditcoin, visit Creditcoin.org, or join their Discord.

Node Details:

Node Name Node Address Commission
wi_ry_phoenix_ 5FbJ2BDjo2Edf3GYfKLErbPHdmNFRc8n88kFUBYVzsQPYRZv 5%
dead 5FnAR3NHuwaANAKEKRHn7prTkCLdesyhnxPe6d2gaqum96QW Inactive
dead 5CzJ3wedCknprGEjMLcw6ZRmEUM6HhmjQe1zcF667srgZyxx Inactive